Recruited Athletes Now Staying for Just One Year Before Joining the NBA

Recruited athletes at powerhouse programs: always a topic in the news. Should athletes who are now intentionally staying in college for one year only to then join professional basketball be allowed to take up a slot that could otherwise be filled by someone who really wanted an education and would graduate from that university? That’s the eternal question being asked more and more these days.

Fighting ‘Toxic, Comparison-Driven Culture’

Excerpt from article in “Inside Higher Education”, May 28, 2019

“If you live in a certain kind of suburb, you know some of the ways that students and parents boast about getting into the “right” colleges. The casual references to planning for Cambridge or New Haven. The decals or bumper stickers on cars. The constant questions about “where is your son/daughter applying/going?” The process builds the kind of competitive environment that adds to student stress and leaves many feeling inadequate because their college goals don’t include attending the most prestigious of institutions.

Then there is the college map, which at elite high schools is a feature of the end of the school year. A map of the United States shows all the places students will be off to in the fall.”

Thankfully, AES nurtures a culture of BELONGING. “All members of our school community actively support every learner’s academic, social and emotional growth.” AES does not have a map of any kind displaying this type of information.

Students who thrive in university have significant mentors

All of the current research supports the idea that students who thrive in their university studies are those who connect with significant mentors. Where to find these mentors? Almost anywhere, actually. Use Google to listen to the spring 2019 graduation speeches at major US universities to see what is possible. Here is Jennifer Garner speaking at Denison University in Ohio.

Fall SAT Prep Session at AES

Final arrangements were made today for the annual fall SAT prep session being conducted by The sessions are described on their website and payment and questions are to be sent to the staff at this company. AES is merely serving as the location for this event during the month of September. The company has set a registration deadline of May 31 and they need a minimum of eight students in order to make it happen. The goal is to prepare for the October 5 SAT.

Turning the Tide II: How Parents and High Schools Can Cultivate Ethical Character and Reduce Distress in The College Admissions Process

Turning the Tide II: How Parents and High Schools Can Cultivate Ethical Character and Reduce Distress in The College Admissions Process

Counselors at major international schools are working hard to implement many of these recommendations. That said, we are ALL part of this equation: parents, students, universities, and high schools.