Amazon Hiring Questions and US University Holistic Admissions-a comparison

The three question approach developed by Mr Bezos at Amazon has many similarities to what drives a US university’s holistic approach to admissions.

  1. What are you known for/admired for at your high school?
  2. What will you add to the strength of the university’s freshman class?
  3. In what ways will you be able to stand out using your specific skills/talents/interests?

Class of 2023 Early Admissions Statistics for US Universities

Stats, stats, and more stats. Major private US universities are slowly announcing what portion of their freshman class they have admitted through the Early Decision process. Boston University just announced they took 31% of their freshman class this year through ED. Some universities take upwards of 50+% of their freshman class through ED.
While ED applications might offer a bit of an edge, applying early will not overcome modest grades and test scores. Typically the top students in a HS senior class would be the successful applicants. For the most selective programs such as engineering or business, the acceptance rate can be much lower than the average acceptance rate.