For entrance into Japanese universities, Japanese students studying at AES would be classified as “returning students” or kikokushijo. February and March are generally the admissions months. However, universities such as Sophia, International Christian (ICU), and Keio all accept students for matriculation in September. Please note that Japanese universities are changing many of their policies as they attempt to attract more students from outside the country so please check their websites for the latest admission guidelines/deadlines.

Sophia University and ICU are the major universities in Japan designed specifically for English-speaking students from international schools. Waseda also has an international program that attracts students from outside of Japan. For Japanese students applying to Japanese universities, admissions decisions are primarily based on exam results. For the traditional universities, students must travel to Japan to take university exams scheduled in October, November or December. In addition to the colleges above, the Japanese government selected 13 universities to be members of its “Global 30” initiative that is designed to provide international students the opportunity to obtain degrees from prestigious Japanese universities by taking programs taught in English. Details can be found at www.uni.international.mext. go.jp.