As Korean families know, applying to college in Korea can be a complex and time-consuming process. The Counselors at AES are here to support our Korean students, whether they have been out of country for twelve years, three years, or anywhere in between. We are also available to assist students who are returning to Korea to complete high school and need official documents. As many families need school documents to be notarized at the Korean Embassy before they leave, it is imperative that the AES deadlines below are factored into travel plans.

Students from AES have matriculated to many elite Korean universities by following the processes outlined below:

Requesting Letters of Recommendation: AES does not release letters of recommendation to students under any circumstances. Korean applicants requesting letters of recommendation from teachers must follow the same procedures as students applying to other parts of the world. Korean universities have informed AES counselors that these letters will be matched to student applications as long as they are easily identifiable and labeled.

Students requesting recommendations must:

  • Identify and ask teachers for recommendations at least one month before documents are sent.
  • Supply teachers with all forms in advance with student portion signed and completed.
  • Label an envelope for each recommendation with the student name, receiving school name and address (in English), and applicant number.

Teachers can write letters in advance and attach forms to their letters, provided that the letter addresses all of the questions on the form.

Requesting Transcripts: (maximum of 10 copies) AES provides a maximum of ten official transcripts annually. Transcripts including grades from the winter semester are available in mid-January. Transcripts for the spring semester are available by the second week of June.

Official transcripts can be provided as follows:

  • Sealed and signed inside an official AES envelope
  • Sent electronically directly to another institution Other Documents (maximum of 10 copies each; minimum one week’s notice):
  • School calendars: See the HS Counseling Secretary