The applications process to colleges and universities in the United States vary between school to school.  Students applying to these schools in the US should be aware of the various differences.

How to Apply:

Applications to the schools can be done by either applying individually through the school’s website, or through a service in which students may apply to multiple colleges/universities at the same time called The Common Application.  Not all schools are part of The Common Application, so be sure to check each school.


When thinking about applying to a school, be sure to check their deadlines early on so that you know what kind of a timeline you are working with.  It is important to understand the different kind of deadlines the schools have. Please see below for the different kinds and definitions:

Early Decision: This is an early deadline application, indicating to the school that the student is highly interested in attending. This is a binding agreement, meaning if the student is accepted, the student must attend.  Students may only apply to one school Early Decision.

Early Action: This is an early deadline application, stated by an early deadline as well, however, unlike Early Decision, the offer of admissions to the school is not binding. The student the option to chose where he or she wants to apply after hearing back from all schools. Students must be highly interested in attending if they apply through this route.

Rolling Admissions: This means that there is no formal deadline to apply, and that applications are accepted until all seats have been filled in the incoming class.


All schools vary on the materials needed in order to complete an application for admissions. Please see the list below for common materials requested, but it will be necessary to visit each schools’ website in order to know exactly what is needed

The Application

Official Transcripts (requested from AES)

Standardized Test Scores (ACT/SAT/TOEFL)

Personal Essay

Letters of Recommendation

Application Fee

Certificate of Finances (for international students)