Gap Year

Purdue University Gap Year Policy and Request

Purdue University’s gap year policy allows domestic freshmen to delay enrollment for one year from their original entry term. Students who need to delay entry for more than one year must reapply for admission.

If your gap year request is approved, you do not need to apply for admission to enroll the following year. If information provided in your admission application changes during your gap year (coursework at another college or university, charged/convicted of a misdemeanor or felony or other disciplinary history, etc.), you must contact the Office of Admissions to update your information. Students who have such changes to their original admission application or who submit final high school transcripts with a C- or below in the senior year, will be re-evaluated for admission.


Gap Year Programs

Check out these gap year programs as you begin to explore the options that most closely match what you wish to accomplish during a year away from school.


Duke University Offers New Gap Year Options for Accepted Students

Check out the new options offered by Duke thanks to a generous alumnus. While you are at it, check out gap year options offered by schools such as University of North Caroline-Chapel Hill. Universities are acknowledging that a year away from school can be a bonus for those students who wish to explore a topic on their own, travel, take time for reflection, etc.