University Entrance Exams

Students must first create an account on the test company website (College Board or ACT). After providing the information requested, a student can register for a test by following the instructions provided on the screen. Payment must be made by valid credit card. It is important to note that because AES a private testing center (only AES students are permitted to register to take the test on our campus), it will not appear in the drop down menu as an available test center in New Delhi.

When registering for the SAT, make sure you choose AES as your high school, by entering the CEEB Code 671800. When prompted to enter your test center code, enter 63200 for the SAT and 866740 if registering for the ACT. Please do not share these codes with students who are not enrolled at AES.


SAT v. ACT – Which test to take?

Colleges and universities in the U.S. will accept either test equally. It is important for students and families to research the difference between these two tests and make a decision on which test is best suited for your student. Students may take both exams and send only the stronger score to colleges. Take time to review the test dates below as well as links to the websites of their respective organizations.