TOEFL is a widely-used test given in many locations around the world to help determine the level of English proficiency for a student.

From the ETS TOEFL site: The Educational Testing Service has announced changes in the Test of English as a Foreign Language, known as TOEFL and a key test for many international students seeking to study in the United States. ETS said that the test will now be just three hours long, 30 minutes shorter than the current test. All four sections — reading, listening, speaking and writing — will be retained. But another change is that ETS will permit “super scoring,” in which a student may submit scores from the different sections taken at different times, as long as all the tests were taken over a two-year period. So a student who did well on reading during one test administration and writing in another can combine those (and other scores).

More than 9,000 colleges, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries accept TOEFL scores. For more information, including using your scores to satisfy visa requirements in Australia and the U.K., how to find institutions that accept TOEFL scores, and more, see Who Accepts TOEFL Scores.

Registration fees vary by country and timing of registration. For more information, please look here.